• Added a AQUWEL
    Panel production line

    Eco-tech System

    Equal quality

    Accurate quality

  • Adhesive treatment

    Uneven Treatment on AQUWEL Panel surface

    Excellent in terms of chemical resistance and developed eco-friendly adhesive

  • Joint treatment technique
    AQUWEL Panel joint treatment technique

    Fill joint filler on the edge of panels to strengthen adhesion

    Two adhesive sides

    Treat unevenly on the edge of panel to strengthen adhesion

SMC Hot Pressure / AQUWEL PANEL uneven treatment

  • SMC Hot Pressure

  • AQUWEL Panel

SMC hot pressure panel has durability and water-safety and equal quality.

  • Uneven treatment on AQUWEL panel surface

    Increase adhesive strength between unevenly treated AQUWEL Panel and concrete surface

    Organic&inorganic mixing type adhesive increases water quality and adhesive strength

  • Make joint part diagonal and fill with joint filler

    Make joint part diagonal and fill with joint filler and uneven treatment

    Increase adhesive strength in joint parts