What are SMC Water Tanks?

Sheet Molding Compound(SMC) is formed by impregnating augmentation material, filling material, mold release agent, pigment and catalyst into Unsaturated Polyester Resin, increasing the viscosity chemically, and compression molding the mixture to sheet form of excellent workability.
Panels molded using hydraulic press are used to form components (floor, walls and ceiling) of a tank body; ceiling tape of excellent restoration capabiliy and interior and exterior augmentation materials are assembled using bolts to form water tanks with excellent durability, sanitation, and water tightness.

Characteristics of SMC Water Tanks

  1. 01 Cleanliness and saniation

    SMC Water Tanks satisfy relevant Food Sanitation standards. Since exterior light is completely blocked, bacteria generation and germ growths are prevented. In particular, when large panels are employed, existing water tank interior structures are eliminated, allowing long-term sanitary use of water tanks.

  2. 02 Excellent durability

    The interior structural components of a water tank consist of Storage Tank System (STS) and Base Layer (STS PE coating and Winding Pipes) that prevent corrosion or rusting.
    The external components are Melt Zinc plated, thus having semi-permanent useful life.

  3. 03 Complete water tightness

    Special sealants with international patents are used to guarantee water tightness.

  1. 04 Rational capacity design

    Various panel designs are used to design tanks of all capacities and dimensions.
    (L-shape, U-shape, square-shape)

  2. 05 Convenient installation

    Standardized parts are used for on-site installation so that materials can be brought into restricted areas for convenient installation.

  3. 06 Excellent thermal protection

    Single panels are used for water tanks installed underground, while the insulated panels, which are single panel with insulation material compressed together, provide excellent insulation on water tanks installed outdoors.